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The CDC doesn’t know anything.

I don’t know where the CDC gets off giving off incorrect information about Lyme disease.

“Patients treated with antibiotics in the early stages of the infection usually recover rapidly and completely. A few patients, particularly those diagnosed with later stages of disease, may have persistent or recurrent symptoms. The authors of studies sponsored by the National Institutes of Health have concluded that these patients may benefit from a second 4-week course of therapy and that longer courses of antibiotic treatment are not beneficial. Longer courses of antibiotics have been linked to serious complications, including death.”

If two months is all it takes, why am I not better CDC? Why have patients in wheelchairs began to walk?  Why has my ptosis not gone away? Why am I still incredibly foggy and why do I fight to stay awake every single day? This study from The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)  in regard to the placebo effect is one of the most insulting studies I’ve read. I wish I could create a mandate that requires only people who have suffered from real illness to be able to create such a study. Otherwise, these people could not even possibly understand. Not to mention this one study is not comprehensive nor does it give adequate details. What stage were many of these patients in? How many years did they have it for? How debilitated were they? Did any of them have brain damage, which is incredibly hard to reverse? Not to mention the standard for treatment is at least six months, not whatever they seem to be getting at here. They do not seem to take the herxheimer reaction into consideration, if they even know about it- is that the adverse effect they were speaking about?  It’s sad considering how far science has come, yet here we are still denying the existence of many diseases.  There are so many diseases that have been misunderstood over the years and weren’t even considered real yet here we are in the supposed era of technology, and seemingly going backwards.


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