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Lyme updates.

Stolen from CanLyme’s twitter.

During an antitrust investigation of the IDSA guidelines development process for the 2006 Lyme disease treatment guidelines, AG Blumenthal’s office uncovered significant procedural deficiencies, including conflicts of interests of the panel members. A settlement was reached, and the IDSA is breaching it. The IDSA is manipulating the voting process to favor no change in the guidelines. The AG has sent the IDSA a letter requesting that they redo the vote in compliance with the agreement. The IDSA used an “improper voting procedure,” based on a process of its own design, which blatantly violates the Settlement Agreement and undermines the integrity of the voting process.  The IDSA consented to the voting procedure in the Settlement Agreement and confirmed its understanding of the required voting procedure in an internal memo from the IDSA to the panel before the panel met”.

CBC Radio interview, death by Lyme disease, poor medical system


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