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In the mean time, I am falling apart.

My headaches are getting worse everyday, like how they were last summer. They last for hours and the worse they get, the less coherent I am. I went to the emergency room last year- they thought I was having a stroke. Noise drove me crazy, I was stuttering and slurring my words, my body was numb- and my head, of course, was breaking me apart.

My Lyme Specialist just posed the question- with addition to my eye pain, if I have severe migraines. I am being booked for a nuclear brain scan, and I was prescribed a triptan which I am not even allowed to take yet because the pharmacist has to check if there are serious interactions with my hundreds of other medications. He wondered why no one had considered this before- he once had a lady with similar symptoms. the paralysis, pain, everything, and after the scan, they discovered there was blood flow in only half of her brain.

The numbness I have had in toes, my other hands- some of it is the Lyme, but other issues could potentially be these headaches. I am unsure of what is related.

I don’t know what to do, writing this even hurts, staring, breathing, everything. I have so much work to do, but I actually want to run my head into a truck.

And there are these annoying floaty things in my eye.



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